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Hemeras Exclusive Benefits

Hemeras benefits for Tourism Business Operators


Hemeras Boutique House offers private tourism agents multiple services, customizable on the basis of client-specific needs: whom may require additional support on their holiday home management. Our tourism agent services: revenue and pricing, analysis of the competitive set, marketing, feature on the Hemeras portal (paying a 10% fee upon booking through the channel), sales activities, quality control of the structures.
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In a poorly regulated universe such as that of the short-term renting in Italy, Hemeras Boutique House strongly supports collaboration projects between agents who are tiered of having to compete with single and often unknown agents in the eyes of legislative and financial entities, who would instead like to have their voices heard in the ever changing and decisional sector-relate reforms. The entirety of the project aims at establishing a network of professional agents who guarantee transparency in the eyes of the final consumer.
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Hemeras Boutique House is always interested in new development projects directed at agents who, for one reason or another have decided to permanently suspend their activities and wish to find a reliable buyer, who knows how to valorize undertaken effort up to the point of liquidation and can assure the relative remuneration in comparison to existing comparable organizations.
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Hemeras benefits for Landlords

To all those landlords eager to rent their vacant apartments and receive an income from the rental, Hemeras Boutique House offers many solutions according to their needs and desired engagement, making sure all the services are efficiently provided (for any further information please contact us):

Competence and know-how in managing guests

Revenue and pricing management linked to market value

Online marketing and advisory

Estate maintenance and improvement

Professional cleaning in our cost responsibility

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