Hemeras Boutique House: The first Luxury Network Boutique Hotel of Europe to accept Payments in Bitcoin Featured

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Hemeras Boutique House is a well-known business active in the luxury hotel market and it’s proud to be officially the first City Centre Network Hotel located in the beating heart of Milan, Florence and Rome, which has implemented a payment system in Bitcoin, the most popular crypto-currency in the world.

Hemeras Boutique House is an innovative luxury serviced apartments’ network, focused on the implementation of a new concept of Italian hospitality. The network includes more than 50 apartments in the centre of Milan and has recently opened in the historical and charming core of two others major Italian cities as Florence and Rome, where we are rapidly growing, counting already more than 10 apartments.

Its accommodations include services and hospitality of an exclusive Hotel with the privacy and the authenticity of a travel experience that only a private apartment can guarantee. Everything is designed to offer to its guests a different point of view of the cities, even maintaining the high standard that luxury markets pretend.

Hemeras guests are also served with outstanding extra services such as: personal trainers, personal hairstylists, cooking service with home chefs, tour guides, personal drivers, personal shoppers etc.

Hemeras Boutique House represents the perfect solution not only for holidays or short term rentals, but for business meetings, fashion shoots, art and photography expositions, press conferences, private party and events; in fact, depending from the different atmospheres created by the interior “made in Italy” design styles it meets the needs of travellers, businessmen, fashion models and photographers with luxurious private apartments that can be booked even and only for hours with the day-use formula.

The decision to be the first category player to accept Bitcoin is due to our constant focus on customer satisfaction implementing every kind of service the market could need, now or in the nearest future.

But what are the true benefits of using Bitcoin in common life and therefore for Hemeras, as well as being industry innovators?

Certainly, it is for the capabilities and know how it will implement in the meanwhile that Bitcoin becomes common in every leading market.

Therefore, as Gianluca Del Mastro,  of the company, states: “The simplicity and almost instantaneity of transactions from one continent to another, without any intermediary slowing down the process or adding commissions, is certainly a major factor for Hemeras due to the composition of its guest pool, mostly foreigners.

Hemeras is an innovative company, with Bitcoin we want to have a pioneering approach and offer this additional payment service, even for the curiosity to understand the rate of adoption of this technology among our customers.

Moreover, Milan, where our headquarter and the most of our boutique houses are, is by definition a digital avant-garde and an innovative city, always more than interested in changes and innovations; the point for us is to be always updated about what the market could desire and to respond to different clients’ needs.”



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